Culture & Museum

Major works from the Princely Art Collection and exquisite objects dealing with the history and culture of the House of Fürstenberg are on display in the Fürstenberg Collections. Clothing and uniforms, miniatures and photographs as well as gold and ivory chalices and trophies bring the noble brilliance of past times to life.
But who would suspect that Napoleon’s portable urinal and his silver dinner plate are also to be found in the Donaueschingen collections? The sections devoted to natural history are likewise a special attraction. The presentation here is still the one dating back to the time when Prince Karl Egon III had the museum built in 1868. This exhibition – a museum within a museum – is now not only a unique document for historians but the stuffed animals from the four corners of the world, the bears, tigers and armadillos, birds of paradise and eagles, reptiles preserved in alcohol as well as mammoth and dinosaur bones also make the parcours a special experience for young and old.